Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The V-Cutter

The V cutter creates a wedge-shaped 3D cut in the cigars cap with a simple squeezing motion. The V-cutter allows proper air circulation to occur for a more pleasant smoking experience. The smokes tar and residue accumulate on the sides of the wedge keeping the bitter taste away from the smoker's mouth. One drawback is that the unique design and shape of this cutter make keeping the blades sharp more difficult, although a quality quality cutter should last a lifetime.

A variation of this cut is the X-cut. First, you perform a standard V-cut. You then rotate the cigar 90 degrees and perform a second V-cut. The end result should look like a “X” or a cross cut on the head of your stogie. This cut allows for a better draw and it does not clog up as much as the single cut.


Great for smaller cigars and provides more smoking surface than the punch.


You will need a good-quality V-Cutter for the cleanest cut.


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