Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Guillotine Cutters


This cutter is perhaps the most popular as it allows for quick and easy snipping. The guillotine cut creates a straight slice across the cigars cap line and should create an even draw, which should create an even burn. The only drawback is that residue and tar from the burning tobacco will come in direct contact with the smoker's mouth.

Single Blade Cutter

A single blade cutter designed to cut off the cap. Most will cut up to 54 ring cigars.

Pros:Very affordable.
Cons:Cutting cigar in one quick, strong movement is a must.

Single Blade Cigar Cutter

Double Blade Cutter

The same concept as the guillotine, but the two blades provide a more precise and even cut. You will also need to cut with determination and force with a double-blade to ensure you don't get tears. More advanced double-blade cutters have a spring mechanism that ensures a clean cut every time.

Pros:Cuts just about any shape cigar, including Figurado shapes like Torpedo.
Cons:To prevent unraveling, be sure not to cut below the cap.

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