Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cigar Scissors

Cigar scissors normally come with wide handles that are specially created to take on large cigars. Just like a double blade cutter, the cigar scissors cut off the cap of the cigar and are designed to do so with effortless precision.

Pros: Very elegant tools.

Cons: Tricky to use; if you are not careful, you can easily crush the head of your cigar. Not very portable. Good quality stainless steel scissors can be pricey.


  1. "May I smoke?"
    "Certainly!" said Gregory, producing a cigar-case. "Try one of mine."
    Syme took the cigar, clipped the end off with a cigar-cutter out of his waistcoat pocket, put it in his mouth, lit it slowly, and let out a long cloud of smoke. It is not a little to his credit that he performed these rites with so much composure, for almost before he had begun them the table at which he sat had begun to revolve, first slowly, and then rapidly, as if at an insane seance.
    "You must not mind it," said Gregory; "it's a kind of screw."
    "Quite so," said Syme placidly, "a kind of screw. How simple that is!"
    The next moment the smoke of his cigar, which had been wavering across the room in snaky twists, went straight up as if from a factory chimney . . . ."
    What kind of cutter did G. K. Chesterton have in mind when he wrote this in The Man who was Thursday?

  2. I had to be a guillotine of some sort. Probably a single blade guillotine similar to this one: