Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cigar Cutter - The Bullet/Punch Cutter

A bullet cutter is perfect for those who need a more accessible cigar cutter. They are easily attached to your key ring and are great for those who want to punch a hole instead of the more traditional slice. The Bullet or Punch cut will pierce a small hole into the cigars cap. Depending on the diameter of the cutter, air circulation may be restricted and the smokes tar and residue can accumulate around the opening. After cutting, place the cap back on the cutter and a convenient built-in plunger will clear off any tobacco from the blades.

The punch cutter will cleanly cut a small hole on the head of the cigar. To cut a bigger hole, you just need to insert the punch several times at different places of the cap until you get the desired width.

PRO's: Convenient key ring attachment and easy-to use
CONS': Will not work on Figurado shapes. They are not ideal for large (50+) ring cigars unless you use the flower punching technique (I can only explain this technique in person).

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