Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In his film City Lights, Charlie Chaplin uses the cigar as a prop to show the deception of people's appearances relative to reality. Chaplin has received a Rolls-Royce and a nice suit from a drunk millionaire who cannot remember anything the next morning when sober. He therefore kicks Chaplin out of his home unceremoniously. As he tries to figure out what to do, a man strolls by with a cigar, and the smoke is simply irresistible. He follows the gentleman until he drops his cigar butt on the sidewalk, and then quickly gets into a competition with a bum for the cigar. The bum, of course, is fooled by the appearance of Chaplin. He is left wondering how such a rich man as drives a Rolls-Royce and wears nice clothes should fight him for a cigar butt on the sidewalk.

For those in our cigar club, there is no need to go chasing after cigar butts. We have a nice inventory of cigars at Fr. James Farfaglia's humidor.

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