Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cigar Envy: A Vice Frowned Upon by St. HOLG's

St. HOLG's is a Christian cigar club, though we are ecumenical and tolerant of all faiths with which we share the natural law that binds are cigar lovers. But one thing we expect from every member and visitor is to curb any cigar envy. Cigar envy is a mortal sin among the members of St. HOLG's. We enjoy sharing our cigars, some good camaraderie, and will not brook any scintilla of jealousy of others' cigars.


  1. Thou shall not covet another member smoke.

  2. Yes, I believe that is an exact quotation of The Book of Sigr 8:20. In the Vulgate: Non desiderabis fumo alterius membri.