Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Cigar Box" Banjo

What to do with all those empty cigar boxes? Why, build yourself a cigar-box guitar or cigar box banjo as this elderly gentlemen did!

Making a Cigar Box Banjo, Part 1

Making a Cigar Box Banjo, Part 2

Playing the dadburn thang!

The cigar box guitar or banjo was at one time quite popular. In the early Peanuts strips, Charlie Brown played a guitar box banjo, something that the character Schroeder did not appreciate.

Schroeder did not know his Lizst, as had he known his Lizst, he would have known the link between good music and cigars.

For those more interested in this rather esoteric hobby, one can find kits on the internet or instruction manuals and instructional DVDs:

I will confess to you, however, since I can play neither cigar or banjo, I don't think this is something that I'm going to tackle. What I will do is contribute to the art by smoking cigars and emptying out boxes so that those that want to engage in this hobby will always have a ready supply of cigar boxes available. In this small way, I will be advancing the revival of the art of cigar box guitar and cigar box banjo building.


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